The Portland Maine Collection

This year Herron Clothier moved from it's comfortable, familiar home in Chicago, IL to coastal Maine's lovely, scenic, small city, Portland. The decision to move here was something that my sweetheart and I had planned to happen in Spring of 2013, but sometimes life throws you a curve ball and you have to take your best swing. This collection, though small, took me many, many long days and hours of dedicated toil. It has personal meaning to me and signifies much more than handwoven goods, it is the culmination of dedication, vision and a dream I cannot give up on. I dedicate it to the one who always encourages and supports me in all that I do, M.D.

The Portland Maine Collection was conceived on a road trip to Maine and inspired by the beautiful landscape, the Portland community, history of the peninsula and it's surrounding area. The special and unique aspect of this work is that it is a limited edition holiday collection. There are 4 woven scarf designs with a limited number of scarves per design.  Each scarf has a number hand embroidered on it indicating it's place in the collection. Once a particular design is sold out, it will be the only of it's kind and not produced again in the future. These handwoven scarves are heirloom pieces of the highest quality and craftsmanship. Imbued with my hand, and my heart I believe this is my best work to date. In making this collection limited edition, it is my hope to encourage and inspire my customers to invest in quality items that they will have for a lifetime. 

Please View to see the work in it's entirety.

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