Designing Spring 2013

Sitting down at my desk with gouache and brushes to design new woven pieces is my absolute favorite part of the whole weaving process! I am working on ideas for garments which excites me so much I cannot sleep at night.  I will also be introducing a small line of table linens exclusively for a shop in Chicago. (Details on that to be announced later) The design process is the part of making my hand woven goods that is the most freeing to me. I collect all of the research I have done, photos, swatches of color, bits of flotsam and jetsam from the world around me, sit with sketchbook and tools and freely work things out on paper. I truly enjoy this time the most because it is wide open to change, flaw, playfulness, and experimentation. This is the place where I am the most creative and and ripe with confidence and energy.
Herron ClothierComment