Reflection, year's end.

As the end of 2012 comes to a close I want to take note and reflect. For my sweetheart and myself it was a year filled with hardships and difficulties, some pain, some tribulation and our joyous moments were quite far and few between. The result of such a difficult year was a giant move from our Chicago home to Maine by way of 6 weeks in rural Virginia. Seeking some solace and also a bit of escape from a traumatic experience, we felt a smaller city and some fresher air was in order. Moving is in and of itself a giant task rife with stress. Idealistic as always, we piled our stuff into a big moving truck along with our two cats and dog and moved. Twice. None of that was easy and we have been slowly and bumpily finding our footing again. We are both working on embracing a new life pace, and though I still mourn my apartment in Chicago of which I had grown so attached to living in, I am proud of us for making it through difficult times together, being brave and trying new things even though they were daunting.

It is here that I turn my face to the sun of a new day and the beginning of 2013. My goal is to come to terms with and shed the difficulties of the previous year and begin anew. Almost 6 months old, I've worked diligently to start and maintain Herron Clothier on very little start up capital out of pocket. While I am still a starving artist, scraping by and performing my cyclical juggling act my, I dream big. And I will find a way to make it work. This coming year my collections will be smaller due to limited production funds but what is lacking in quantity and volume is made up for hugely in quality. With the financial difficulties, emotional investment and sacrifice that has gone into starting Herron Clothier, I believe in the integrity and soul of the pieces I create now more than ever before. I will be starting my year off with open mindedness, very careful planning and a bit of restructuring. Living small, dreaming big and working hard.

I have compiled some photos from my life over this past year. Enjoy and of course cheers to everyone in this coming new year, and may you all find what you are looking for.


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