Oh it has been so long since my last post!
The Sacre Collection is almost sold out, the last Chosen One Scarf sold yesterday! I love making the limited edition collections, I feel that it really adds to their uniqueness and value and it holds true to my beliefs that a good quality, heirloom piece is something to buy once and cherish always.
Also a nice hearty thank you to Michigan Avenue Magazine's Elle Eichinger for the review of The Sacre Collection, read here. So very appreciated!

For many years I worked as a floral designer in Chicago (among other things). It's no secret that I moonlight on the side as a floral designer here in Maine. I have been enjoying the pleasure of taking breaks from weaving to work with a florist in town. There are certain style parameters I must stay within at this particular shop, however every now and then I get to let my own floral design style shine through a little. Here is a little peak:

Good morning coffee at home with helleborus, a personal fave.

I have also been busy teaching workshops and classes in weaving and traditional embroidery techniques. Recently, SPACE Gallery in Portland Maine invited me to teach a four hour embroidery workshop. The ladies that attended learned 6 new stitches and each made a stitch sampler.

One of my weaving students, Erika, came to my class eager to learn how to weave on a loom and had never done it before. By the end of our 4 week class, she had not only learn how to calculate a new warp, map it out on the warping board and dress a loom, but she also wove a gorgeous huck lace scarf! Nice, clean selvedges too, way to go Erika!

 And lastly, despite the fog and rain on this past Memorial Day weekend, the Mister and I enjoyed it still with a trip up the coast of Maine. We visited Acadia National Park and the small seaside villages along the way.
Tide Pools at Two Lights in Cape Elizabeth, ME

Tide Pool algae and seaweed.

Jordan Pond, Acadia National Park, ME

Treasure Trash Barn somewhere near Evansville, ME

I thought I might mention lastly some of my favorite floral blogs and designers:
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