Friends of many talents

As I prepare to wrap up my time in Maine and head back to Chicago, I thought I'd take a moment here to chronicle the work of friends I have met over the past year. So many talented, wonderful people and it has been inspiring to get to know them all.

 I had the lovely pleasure to meet and work with the amazing ladies at 3191 Miles Apart. During my one year residency in Portland Maine I have become acquainted with so many talented, wonderful people, among them are the sweet and lovely Maria and Evan. Working with them in their little studio was one of my favorite parts of living here.
If you have not had a chance, check out 3191 Miles Apart's amazing publication and online shop.

Thanks to Jennie for introducing me to Elise Pelletier, who became one of my closest buds in Maine. Elise is an amazing arts educator, screen printer, all-around amazing woman and owner of Foreshadow Press, check out her beautiful, hand printed stationary and some of the other incredible projects she is part of.

Rare Storms makes experimental noise music that are the sounds in life we cannot put a name to. A melodic drone that is art, a feeling, a moment, an internal memory. Not to mention an incredible person and friend! Rare Storms makes rare appearances and quiet announcements of them, it's a unique and special experience to sit in on one of his sets.

Jenny McGee Dougherty, what can I say that hasn't already been said? She is an amazing artist, friend and uses her talents on the job too as the Assistant Director at Space Gallery. Jenny is making some gorgeous knitwear designs these days among her many studio projects.
Check out her gouache painting and ink/collage work below.

Untitled, ink and collage on paper, 2012, 30 x 22 in 

Does the model look familiar below?
More and Co. Friends who do it all; Film, photo, graphic design, shop owners, clothing designers, the creative list goes on. You name it and chances are they can do it. Inspiring and motivating to hang out with these guys in their creative enclave.

My life is incomplete without the one who inspires me most in the world, who is the one I call home, love and best friend. Two and Two More, I am so lucky I get to spend every single day with this dude, he is the best part about living anywhere and most definitely the best part about living in Maine.
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