Skill Share

Hello everyone, as many of you know, a few years ago I founded a group called Ladies Skill Share in Chicago. The group serves to empower women by teaching skills that they can then pass on to others in their community. I have been working toward developing this into an outreach program under Herron Clothier called simply, Skill Share. Combining my love of weaving, teaching and community outreach, Skill Share will become part of Herron Clothier's mission. With similar goals as before, Skill Share will teach woman of all backgrounds about sustainability through the viable and useful skill of weaving, leading to empowerment, confidence and creativity through craft. This is really in it's pilot stages and I have high hopes for it's development in tandem with Herron Clothier's hand woven goods. Updates will be posted here and on Facebook. The next weaving Skill Share is being planned for late Fall in Chicago. Check back soon for updates... 

*Photo of student taken by Dee Clements at The Chicago Weaving School in March 2013, during a weaving/ spinning workshop taught by proprietor and weaver Natalie Boyett and assistant teacher Dee Clements.
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