Good evening dear Herron Blog readers.

Today I would like to share a bit of exciting news.

Recently I have been researching different tours in Peru through Macchu Picchu, Lima and Cusco. I have been wanting to visit small villages and see how traditional Peruvian weaving is done with my own eyes. It is a culture I have always been curious about and a country I have always wanted to explore. Upon one of my inquiries into Spring tours in Peru with Puchka, I had a lovely thread of email exchanges with a person named Sasha. Sasha informed me that all tours are booked up through September. So I put myself on the waiting list and began researching other trip options to Peru. This morning, I received an email from Sasha that made me have to sit down. It was an invitation to me to come and study traditional tapestry weaving with his colleague, Maximo Laura. Laura is a traditional Peruvian tapestry weaver whose hand woven work over the last 35 years has dubbed him a national treasure in Peru, for preserving culture and this national pastime. What an honor! I have much to consider upon such a succulent offer and I shall say that in the coming days I will weigh the options with full fervent consideration. Whatever I come up with, I shall say, this invitation made my day in all sorts of way. Thank you Sasha and Senor Laura!

A Detail of Maximo Laura's work.

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