Hellooo and happy (late) Thursday night!

I am so excited to share with you that starting next week, Herron Clothier Pillows will be available at Asrai Garden; a beautiful flower shop and gift boutique in the Wicker Park neighborhood in Chicago. Thank you Elizabeth and Kristen! Not only does Asrai have gorgeous flowers and talented, stylish floral designers on hand to help you out, there is an array of unique gifts from hand made soaps, lotions and balms to hand crafted jewelry. Knot and Splice is one of my (Chicago) favorites. Go on! Go cheer your winter doldrums up with some lovely flowers or a sweet gift for your sweetie.

Asrai Garden, Shop view

Gold Scuptures by Swallow NY. Thorny rose stems, vertebrae, bird feet, seed pods--SWOON!

Herron Pillows!

...And I have some exciting news coming soon, things are a brewing over here. It's a little bit early to reveal now, but get ready, things are getting just ever so much sweeter...

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