Weekends on the Homefront

Sunday evening drawing. Feels SO good! It has been too long...

Working out ideas on new one-of-a-kind weavings for the home, coming to the shop later this year. 
This will be an exciting year of new explorations in color, art, tactility. Rich, bold color and subtle pattern is the duality I am excited to experiment with. Like a crescendo in music, I hope to explore a type of visual crescendo in weaving. I am also working toward a looser studio practice that is a little more open minded and subjective. Lately, I have been greatly inspired by Josef Albers' book Interaction of Color and the bold colors in Peruvian textiles.

Decided to "pick" the guitar back up again lately too. (Cheesy pun intended!)
Saturday morning flowers, 30 Rock and songs. Such a sweet, relaxing way to start the weekend (and end it too!)

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