Good morning everyone!

This morning I woke up at the crack of dawn to go and watch the sun rise over Lake Michigan. Dawn is kind of an amazing hour in Chicago. I forget how much I truly love it (because I am usually asleep!) The city is just beginning to buzz yet I feel totally solitary, not yet a din but a quiet hum of waking urban sounds. The sun came up over the frozen lake, quite quickly actually. You have to watch or else you'll miss it. I grabbed a warm blanket, made a hot mug of coffee and my dog and I went off. We did sit in the car of course with the heat on as it was 4 degrees out. A nice hour to meditate and reflect. I'd love to start doing this much more often, it was a really lovely way to start the day.

 The frozen deathsicles on my back porch greeted me first before the sun came up. It made me think I should start walking around wearing a helmet when I leave the house. They are incredibly beautiful formations despite their ferocity.

 Aaaaand so I am back on the loom! Here is my first warp in about 5 months. Feels so good to be weaving again. This is a sampler warp, a sort of sketchbook if you will, and just like blank pages I like to sketch on an all white warp. Very clean. I am sampling out ideas for my Spring collection, trying out some new techniques, weave drafts and pattern ideas.

 Dana recently shared some pattern drafts for krokbradg, a traditional Scandinavian weaving pattern. I am really interested in this pattern thought I would try it out. Maybe combine some Scandinavian and Peruvian infused weaving styles together and see what I come up with. It's a great structure for rugs and I think it would work well for pillows. Here, I am trying to weave some mountains, inspired by an Agnes Martin drawing that I love. I have been doing a lot of drawing lately, lots of geometrical shapes and bold lines, hoping it will find it's way into my weaving. My lines in this weaving are not as clean as I would like them to be, but that is why this is a sample, it's for learning and making mistakes.

Agnes Martin

Have a lovely week everyone!