Herron Gratitude Sunday:

I have decided that it is really beneficial to start the week off with a little gratitude. What are YOU grateful for right now, this second in your life? I think a little positive thanksgiving is a great way to gear up for Monday. With that in mind, on Sunday's, I will try every week to post 5 things I am truly grateful for. Hey why don't you make your own list of things too, and feel free to share them! Here are my five for this first week in February 2014:

*Today, Sunday Feb 2, the great actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his apartment. This news has both shocked and saddened me greatly. As a person who spent the last year in a deep fog, I am reminded how precious and short our small little lives are and that we must make the most of them. So for number one, I am grateful for my adventurous spirit, and my deep capacity to love. There is never a dull moment and really fully living is so truly essential to the beauty and endurance of life.

I am also very grateful for:

*For vegetables. What would I do without Kale?! The cold winter makes me appreciate the summer harvest of veggies. Thanks for saving me over the cold months kale and root vegetable.

*Being surrounded by strong, loving, supportive lady friends.

 Besties foreva! (Very old photo!)

*I am grateful for community and my city. Chicago, truly is home.

 *I am grateful for weaving and my day job, because they put a roof over my head and kale in my belly.

Bonus: Also grateful For Penny, the best dog a girl could ever be friends with and for this guitar. It is a such a great instrument for relaxing late at night after a hard days work, even though I play very badly, in my head I am really, really good *wink*.

Ok now you go! And make your week awesome and hey, don't forget to be grateful, because everything is awesome. Really, it is.


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