Herron Sunday

It's been a great week and I have much to celebrate! I've been invited to teach a class at The Textile Arts Center in New York this Spring and I am quite honored and extremely excited by this opportunity.

The design process for CB2 is now underway! It's all in the beginning stages at present, I'm feeling challenged (in a good way!) and really excited to approach my design process from a new angle.  I have also been approached to design woven pieces for a British home company. It's a good feeling to know that the integrity of handwoven textiles is something people want to have around them.

These samples I am weaving below are for my own studio practice, some experimentation and working out of ideas. (The discovery is my favorite part!) Errg-the image is a little blurry, I took the photo with my phone camera. This pattern called Krokbradg, which is a traditional Scandinavian weave structure.


I spent some time this week doing a ton of dye work for the the television show Chicago PD. Working with dyes is something I enjoy and as a result, I have discovered I am extremely good at color matching! Who knew?! It got me thinking about natural dyes and learning the process of growing dye plants for the purpose of dyeing yarn or woven pieces. Maybe something to carve out time to explore at some point.

Chemical dyes--safety first!!

"In the depth of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer."--Albert Camus