The tapestry weavings of  Helena Hernmarck, they are incredible! Her weaving career began in the 1960's and has spanned over a half a century. Her remarkable output of photo realist tapestries have been shown in several public institutions including The Museum of Modern Art and The Los Angeles County Museum of Art. While I have a much different vision for my own exploration in tapestry, the sheer skill and artistry of Hernmarck's work is remarkable and awe inspiring. When I was in art school, craft was still considered a dirty word. Art and Craft were not synonymous even though many had crossed the boundary in the past. Hernmarck is one of those artist/craftswomen.
Today, tattooed tapestry weaver Erin M. Riley is a modern day Hernmarck with a feminist edge. Both woman have pioneered tapestry in a modern manner, Hernmarck during a time when weaving was still consider a hobbyist craft like macrame, and Riley with her commentary on sex, erotica and feminism.

Hernmarck and her assistants in her studio in 1970

Her current studio (Maximum DREEEAAAMMMY!!)

Those newspapers are woven! 

Another Gateway Drug, 2010, 36" x 24", handwoven tapestry, hand dyed wool on a nylon warp.

View from above, 2012, 48" x 34", Handwoven wool tapestry.