Hi everyone!
See this screen shot of these gorgeous Peruvian textiles above here? Well I am very excited about them! Why? Because I just bought a plane ticket to Peru! In two months I will be flying over our great country to Lima and upon my arrival I will visit several small communities and weaving villages to learn how Peruvians weave their colorful, intricate patterns. Color is something I love but work with in a very instinctual yet careful manner. I am working towards taking more risks with my color choices this year and am especially interested in learning how weavers in Peru approach the use of color in their work. I am certainly open to the influences that may happen.
Another point of considerable note, I am exploring the idea of working in fair trade in Peru at some point in the future. The social justice aspect of fair trade in the textile industry as a solution to sustainable, ethical codes of conduct interests me a great deal and this trip will be an introduction to this personal modicum. (My own personal research tour-slash-awesome vacation.)

Visiting Machu Picchu has been a dream of mine for many years and I am so incredibly excited to have this special opportunity. Hopefully Peru will be a place I visit again and again both for work and for play. I am certain the journey will inspire in more ways than one. I also hope to make some special one of a kind purchases for the shop, so make sure to check in around mid to late April.
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