A post for hometown sounds

To say the least, it has been a brutal, BRUTAL winter (the
most difficult one I have ever lived through!) However, it's gems like
the ones below that help make the dregs a little more bearable. Matchess is none other than my bestie, Whitney Johnson (aka Bird), whose ethereal dream-like music mixes transmitter like vox with vintage synthe and sometimes static-wrenching electric guitar.

When I graduated from college (10 years ago!) I decided
that is was time to see the world. My roommate back then had a giant
wall size map of the world on her bedroom wall. I went in there, closed
my eyes and where ever my finger landed on the map was where I would go.
As it turns out, it landed on Milan, Italy of all places. So, I applied
for a passport, and 3 months later I gave away all of my possessions, packed a bag and a
skateboard and left for Italy. The Skateboard never made it across the
sea, and good thing too, the streets of Milan are brick and cobble
stone. Where it is paved, people ride scooters and bicycles not skateboards. I spent a
few months there, thinking I would become an American ex-pat in Italy forever. The Cubs
were on their way to the World Series that year for the first time in a million years, I knew that everywhere in the city of Chicago, radios were buzzing with sounds from Wrigley Field (Sadly, they never made it!). Although I was having adventures abroad, drinking the best wine of my life, and meeting people from foreign lands, I
longed to speak my own language, my native Midwestern dialect and eat a GD hot dog! Joan of Arc, was a Chicago band I listened to every day at that time (on a disc-man!! Remember those!), as their music reminded me of home.

I have since come back and moved away from Chicago many times. Returning always to my community, my family of friends and the music I call home. It's so good to be here! 

As I prepare for a short jaunt down to South America next month, I am queuing up my old favorites and some new jams, this time on an iPod! Music and memories, memories and music.


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