Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to travel to Peru. South America, along with India and Africa are places in the world that scare me. My idea of them exists only in books, slides and the various information I have gleaned of them from Wikipedia and National Geographic. This coming week, I am about to embark on a journey, albeit a short one, but still none the less an adventure of my own epic proportions. Peru, by way of El Salvador is calling my name and I have the plane ticket digitized in my iPhone with my name on it.

As you can see as I begin to pack, 3 days early, that I have decided to include an entire medicine cabinet in my back pack. Never concerned with health issues before this day, for the first time ever, I am terrified of what my body might decide to do 11,000 feet above sea level. I am prepared for any over the counter problem and how to describe it in Espanol.

Some gems I am working on the studio for various projects and commissions. I will be excited to continue working on them when I return home from my South American journey. In Peru, weaving is one of the central traditions in the country. I am eager to see the Peruvian way of weaving with my own eyes. Their use of color is more vibrant and playful than the way I approach color. Maybe after I return, I will consider purple a color acceptable to use.

Here are some extra photos from my trip to New York last week. There were so many beautiful vintage cars everywhere I went.  (More on my Instagram feed) Over the past three years, with an outside influence, I have developed a bit of a love for "old" cars. As I tromped around Brooklyn last week, my heart thudded and I stopped dead in my tracks each time I saw some wise old hunk of metal parked on the street like it were any other car. Maybe someday I will own one of my own and build a garage to preserve it's cold, hard beauty.

 A few more favorites from the Whitney Biennial, including the notebooks of David Foster Wallace. As I looked at them under the vitrine, I wondered, would Wallace have considered his notebooks art and would he have felt obliged to share their private contents with the world of art purveyors?

Someday all of my blog photos will be sized and formatted perfectly so that all their corners line up just perfectly. Until that day happens, I am content to sit with all my favorite beverages and post to my heart's content with the same insouciant spirit I have lived my life. Or, maybe I will just finally learn how to do it properly.

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