Mid Week News from Herron Clothier

Some exciting threads that began to sew this week; a design meeting today at CB2 to discuss the work Herron Clothier will be designing and producing for their local handmade line, slated to hit the store Spring 2015. I really enjoyed discussing design ideas, color choices and possibilities with the team. And much to my delight, the team liked my designs, direction and ideas. They asked thoughtful questions and encouraged creative freedom. I am very excited about this project, it is my largest order to date. My hand weaving production just stepped up a notch and my little cottage industry business is hitting a growth spurt this year. I am ready for the challenge, the growth and the changes ahead!

CB2 HQ on Ashland Ave. in Chicago. Love the clock tower building.

Herron Clothier pillows and wall hangings are now stocked at Humboldt House in Chicago! I dropped a box of hand woven goods off at the shop this morning and had a lovely (and comfy) chat with the proprietress Claire and her sweet pup Archie. Humboldt House is a shop that represents so much of what I love; Humboldt Park, mid century modern design, beautiful textiles everywhere one turns their gaze and all 'round good folks. I am so thrilled to have my work in Claire's shop, AND to be working on a special woven wall piece for her one year store anniversary! Such a treat!

I returned to the studio this afternoon post meetings, feeling a bit energized and excited about all of my weaving projects ahead. On the horizon is the purchase of another loom for some of my larger orders and commissions and more time for designing wall pieces, which are now, much to my surprise, my high demand item.

The latter part of my day consisted of weaving in a bath of sun streaming through my studio window.  How good that felt! I took a moment to soak in the vitamin D with my eyes closed. Feels like it has been ages since the sun reared its glowing rays down on the frigid city of Chicago. Welcome March, let the Spring time in!

Lastly, a quick last minute class plug; if you are reading this post and live in the NYC area, consider signing up for my tapestry weaving class at The Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, NY March 22 & 23 (There are only two spots left!).