Over the past few weeks, new projects have been springing up in the Herron Studio. Quince & Co, a yarn company in Portland, ME contacted me asking to collaborate on a line of handwoven pillows.
Their exquisite yarns are labor friendly and sustainable and come in a variety of naturally dyed colors. As our ethics are quite in line with each other, and I love their beautiful yarns and products, I am so thrilled to work with the lovely folks at Quince this year. Dream come true!

 In preparation for all of our new and exciting projects, the time has come to invest in some upgraded equipment for the studio which is equal parts daunting and fun. Researching and shopping for an industrial sewing machine, though I have worked on them for many years as a professional seamstress, I want to make sure I choose the right brand and model for my businesses needs. It's fun to test them all out and as I do so, I realize that I know much more than I ever realized.

The goal of Herron Clothier, is not only to make and sell quality heirloom woven goods, but also to become a fully functional small scale textile mill, producing American sourced and made textiles and textile goods. My personal goal is to produce woven goods that are made in house at every step of the process from the weaving to the sewing. My vision is to become an American made textile company, and bring ethical and sustainable textile production back the to US through Herron's products and education.

Speaking of education, if you are in the New York City area, sign up for my tapestry weaving workshop at The Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, NY. This intensive two-day workshop will be held from 11a-5p, Saturday June 21 and Sunday June 22, 2014. We will weave a sampler piece exploring techniques like eccentric line, various forms of soumak, warp wrapping, twining, inlay and more!


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