Weave, Weave, Weave.

June 21 + 22 Herron will be teaching a second weekend tapestry weaving intensive from 11a-5p at The Textile Arts Center in Brooklyn, NY. Registration is now open.

And don't forget to stop by the shop! New pillows and tapestries will be coming mid summer 2014! Soon I am excited to share that I will be doing a total website and blog merge and over hall. Big changes are a comin' for Herron this summer. It's gonna be fantastic and I can't hardly wait!

In other news, please allow me to introduce an artist whose work I am enjoying very much lately. Kayla Mattes sent me a hand woven Pizza this week. (I happen to list pizza as one of my top 5 favorite foods because it is perfect in every way.) Kayla is in residence at Little Paper Planes in San Francisco this month, weaving pizzas and exploring the social fascination with the food. Her colorful, vibrant work explores relationships with media, pop culture and technology through fibers. I think it is truly refreshing, fun and wonderful.

 A photo of my pizza above, and below some images of Kayla's recent woven work.