Power of One

The Dalai Lama says --and I am paraphrasing here; "Discern what your world is, know the plot, the scenario of this human drama and then figure out where your talents might fit in to make a better world. Each of us must do something that makes our heart sing, because nobody will want to do it with us if we are not passionate and inspired."

A warp on the loom.

It has been said, and I do agree that change comes from many small moments and acts. As I think about that in a business sense, I believe that business should serve the people for a greater good, not just the individual. Business should be about taking care of, not competing with.

To quote Desmond Tutu, 'the sea is only drops of water that have come together'. The power of one can in fact be quite significant. Herron Clothier is just one small textile company in a large world filled with conglomerates, corporations and other small businesses. Though we are small we dream big. Striving to put out a product with heart, quality and love everyday. That is what makes my heart sing!  I believe that my mission to create ethical and sustainable textiles is important to our environment, economy, and our collective ethos. I strive for truth both in the product I put into the world and the life I lead. For me, they are synonymous. My business reflects my personal values by which I conduct myself in the world. I hope, in whatever small way I can, to inspire other people to, be the change they want to see and follow what makes their own hearts sing, one small step at a time, one drop of water at a time.

Weaving with tapestry bobbins and stick shuttles for hand manipulated inlay.

Choosing to work with wonderful companies like my latest collaborations with Quince & CoMeadowcroft FarmsPort Fiber and Wild Daughters

have been wonderful explorations in navigating business and creativity through a strong moral and ethical code of conduct. Our products are grown, milled and created in the US by skilled, appreciated hands across the board. These aspects can be hard to build a business around as sometimes, heart and what you hold close to you do not often go hand in hand with business. However, they are aspects that mean something very intrinsic and important to me and to my collaborators.

Herron's woven pieces are sewn on an old industrial Singer sewing machine, a true work horse.

Today I am working on three separate collections of handwoven pillows and wall pieces for Quince & Co, CB2 Chicago and Herron Clothier for Spring 2015. When they are ready for the world, I hope you will cherish them as much as I have cherished the process of making them.