A Visit to Acre Artist Residency

This past weekend I was invited to Acre Artist Residency in Steuben Wisconsin as a visiting artist. Upon my visit I taught a 2-day weaving workshop in the newly forming weaving studios.  It was my first time visiting Acre and Steuben Lodge and I was captivated by the beauty of the landscape and the history of the area. Steuben lodge is situated in the Oochooch Mountains near the Kickapoo River among wettlands and an abundance of wildlife (Including Blue Heron's!). Beyond the summer residency it serves as a 120 acre sustainable organic Farm and fish hatchery owned and run by Rosa and Bob Samuelson.

I spent my time in the weaving studio with resident artists teaching a workshop based on weaving materials and techniqes. We used small I-looms to try techniques and set up a round-robin weave on one of the Schacht Floor looms. Some of the students were focusing on twill weave structures on The Cranbrook and smaller tabletop and lap looms. 

The Acre Dining Hall

Pre-dinner gathering

Diana, weaving her twill sampler on the Cranbrook loom.

The lovely Dominique from Switzerland, whose work practices invlove text and poetry, sentimentality, domestic spaces and domestic labor with a keen interest in textile manipulations, wove a balanced twill sampler on the 4-shaft table loom and a technique sampler on the I-loom.

More student experimentation work from the workshop.

Sampler pieces by Tara Hill

Student work on the Round Robin Loom

Fiber work hanging up in Steuben Lodge

A long, long drive back to Chicago with Chris and Leo.

In addition to being in the weaving studio, it was so great to see some friends I have not seen in over ten years, meet new artists working in incredible ways and have some really thought provoking conversation. This experience was quite magical for me.

Big Thanks to Ciara Ruffino, Nicholas Wylie, Tara Hill and Jesse Malmed for the invitation, accomodation and opportunity to come to Acre.

*First 3 images, courtesy Steuben Lodge Website. All other Images taken by Dee Clements 2014

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