A New Year's Update

Happy New Year everyone!

Can you believe it is 2015 already? 

I hope that you all had a restful and relaxing holiday. It's a time to reflect, be peaceful and come together. I have been doing my own reflection of the year and how far my little hand weaving company has come since it's first days in a small attic studio. While I am finding it hard to get back into the swing of things after a lovely holiday in the woods and the mountains, I am eager to start the year off with creative abundance. I have so many ideas up my sleeve for this year and cannot wait to get started and share with you.

A snapshot of some woven pieces from the very first collection back in 2011/'12. Looking at these, I can see so much artistic growth from then until now. A marker of time passed in weaving.

A special moment this Christmas teaching this little one about weaving. 

Thanks to DP, I am remembering how amazing it is to work with colored pencils. I always use gouache but the immediacy and portability of pencils is exactly the way I need to work right now when sketching out new ideas. Sitting quietly with some music and some paper and drawing materials is my true happy place and has been since I was a child. This has been an activity I could entertain myself with for hours as I grew up and now I use it to not only to feed myself a dose of internal joy but to render creative ideas for Herron. (Thanks DP!! )

Our beautiful handwoven pillows are now for sale at CB2 and CB2.com!

I feel so very proud and happy to share them with you all through CB2. This order was our largest ever, it's challenges allowed me to stretch and grow my business and myself as a creative thinker, maker and business woman.

Back in the studio, slowly plugging along on work we have left off with pre Christmas. I am feeling my mind float around to other things rather than staying on the tasks at hand, does that ever happen to you? It is the quiet and mundane moments when everything is still and the light catches in the room at just the right angle that I feel the most at peace and a great deal of gratitude for where I am, that helps me come back from my daydreams.

Warm and well wishes from Herron Studios. 



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