Herron Rugs for The Land of Nod + CB2

Herron is delighted to announce the release of our new line of handwoven rugs for The Land of Nod!

Each rug was carefully designed and produced exclusively for The Land of Nod. Two designs, The Desert Mural and the Graphic rug are now available in natural cotton flat woven and wool tufted styles. In stores and online now.

The Desert Mural rug is handwoven with cotton. Bold geometric shapes and colors note the cascade of light and shadow of sunrise and sunset over the Mojave Desert. I love rug weaving because a rug is like a giant canvas to me. My work has always been influenced by what is around me, whether it is an urban landscape or the architecture found in nature.

What is special about the collection of rugs for Nod, is that these rugs were woven by a group of artisan weavers in India. I was invited to travel to India with Nod CEO, Michelle Kohanzo and Soft Goods Buyer Stefanie Ricciardi to meet the artisans making the work. This experience was incredible and one that I would never have gotten to have otherwise. Ethical working conditions are a central concern to the value of my work. The weavers here in India work in their homes on handmade looms. Each rug is done by hand with the skill and precision that the tradition of rug weaving requires. This was the first time that my designs had been produced by someone other than myself and my team and I felt working cooperatively with Indian weavers upheld my standard of ethical working conduct. I am proud of this work and collaboration and excited to present it to the world via The Land of Nod.

In addition to our line of rugs for The Land of Nod, Herron has designed a flat woven cotton rug for CB2. Muted flat weave bands together tonal greys, tan and soft blue, accented by a clean white triangle and trio of black lines. Architectural elements and familiar urban surroundings were the inspiration for the handwoven cotton Code Rug, by Herron exclusively for CB2. Woven in India by the same weavers as the Nod rugs.

The Code Rug is now available at CB2.com and in stores.

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