New and Exciting Projects

2015 will mark a year of changes for Herron. Over the past 5 years, we have grown from a tiny one loom operation in the attic of my home, to a many loom operation in a spacious, airy commercial studio. Herron has a been a vision of mine for nearly a decade. It wasn't until 2011, after years of wondering how to merge weaving, painting and sculpture into beautiful and utilitarian goods, that I finally found my voice as an artist, my style as a designer and a sense of home with my work.  Over the past decade, studying and experimenting with weaving techniques, fibers and material studies, the most important thing to me has been to build a company that is founded on the principles of creating textiles that engender a natural resource base. By using organic wool and cotton, we can ensure the environmental responsibility of our goods. Our wools and cottons are grown on small farms in Maine, California, and Virginia by fiber farmers who have put there life's work into producing fibers that are wholesome, healthy and honest. Our goods are produced in our Chicago studio by skilled, experienced weavers weaving each and every thread by hand. My goals have been to establish a mode of textile production that reflect the artistry, skill and time that goes into sourcing and crafting each collection and piece, while achieving artistic merit and beauty with a modern ethos. This in tandem with humane and environmental responsibility, is the model I have been working so hard to develop and implement for my business. As a weaver and artist myself, hands-on, skilled local production using materials thoughtfully and consciously sourced is a  combination that I believe gives soul and integrity to the work / product and a textile industry that has been abused by outsourcing, un-ethical codes of conduct and toxic processes to our environment.

Judy Wicks, founder of the White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia, PA and The Local Living Economy Movement gave a speech at Hello Etsy, Berlin in 2011, the year I founded my company. Wicks' speech moved me quite deeply, I felt the resonance of her words reverberating in my mind often as I began a business with a mission to establish a textile design + production studio where the beauty and craft of hand weaving is honored. 
 I'd like to share an excerpt of Judy Wicks' speech from the Hello Etsy Berlin conference from 2011. Her words not only define my personal ethics but also the values of my business and artistic practice. 

"The Local Living Economies Movement is about:
Maximizing relationships, not maximizing profits,
Growth of consciousness, not materialism,
Democracy and decentralized ownership, not concentrated wealth,
A living return, not the highest return,
A fair price, not the lowest price,
A living wage, not the minimum wage,
Sharing, not hoarding,
Simplicity, not gluttony,
Life serving, not self-serving,
Partnership, not domination,
Cooperation based, not competition based,
Win-win exchange, not win-lose exploitation,
Family farms, not factory farms,
Bio-diversity, not monocrops,
Cultural diversity, not monoculture,
Creativity, not conformity,
Slow food, not fast food,
Our bucks, not Starbucks,
Our mart, not Wal-Mart,
Valuing life, over life-style,
And as the Earth Charter says,
“Being more, not having more.”