Art and the blanket

Blanket season is here. It's mid September and there has been a slight cool chill early each morning when I'm up walking my dog, Penny. I really love this time of year, the light changes in a slow and dramatic way, especially in the dusk of early morning. Inspired by this movement of light, paired with the cooler air, I think about how to capture and translate it in a painting and in a textile. 

I've been dabbling indirectly in a new-to-me form of weaving. Jacquard. Translating my drawings and paintings to Jacquard woven textiles is a process that interestingly creates new possibilities and challenges. It's a whole new way of considering color interaction and blending that excites me. Through the layers of thread, I love the possibility of how photographic the textile can be and how each thread is like it's own pixel. The engineering of the cloth can be more complex too, in addition to color blending and definition, the possibility for mixing weave structures creates a whole new level of depth. 

Blanket B side. Looks amazing with the collection throw pillows.

Blanket B side. Looks amazing with the collection throw pillows.

I like where this experimentation is going and the possibilities it holds to bring art and utility together in a more literal way within the scope of my work. More sampling for now, but soon I'll unveil my art blankets that can double as wall hangings as well. (Gotta love a 2-in-1 piece of utilitarian art!) 

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