The Making of The Spring Collection

What has been happening at Herron this winter?

January 1st, marked the beginning of production on our new line of blankets and rugs. The Weaving Mill, a small artisanal textile mill in Chicago, is weaving our blankets and have been working hard to get the job done for us. With every new major venture, of course there are bound to be hiccups. This is our first experience weaving blankets on industrial mechanized looms and with all naturally farmed cotton. Last week The Mill discovered, after much troubleshooting and head scratching, that the natural, undyed cotton in our blankets was causing a jam in the looms. It hadn't receive the same hot steam bath treatment that the dyed yarns went through. The hot steam bath helps to set the dye and was not required for our undyed yarns. As a result, the natural undyed yarn has far more torque, and jams ups in the weft in the loom, causing knots to form where knots should not be. (Pun intended!)

Make it work!

As Tim Gunn, would say. This problem was unforeseen, unknowable and of course, no one's fault. Like many unforeseen, unknowable problems, it is an opportunity to learn. Though it doesn't negate the small business stresses of budgets and deadlines. Our margin for error was nil and deadlines in our production schedule as tight as the knots jamming in the loom. This snaffu has slowed down production considerably, causing a domino effect: photo shoots had to be cancelled, appointments with new customers had to be cancelled, website updates had to be put on hold, people who were counting on work had to make other plans in the meantime and question marks all over the calendar. But, we shall prevail! The Weaving Mill jumped on the problem immediately, sending out emergency samples to nearby woolen mills, to see if any can do a rush job and treat our natural undyed cones of yarn with a steam bath to equalize the yarn's spring and torque. Now, we wait and hope it is possible and move forward where ever we can.

Our Collection will still be released this spring, just not in March as we had planned. It is more likely it will release in late April. We think you'll love what we are making, it's worth the wait and all the time, sweat and effort. Keep checking up on us here on the blog, I will be posting updates on our progress!

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