Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why does it take 2 weeks to get my order?

At this present time, all items are made to order and each piece takes around two weeks to weave, pack and ship to you. In late winter 2018, I will be making a small stock of the art throws up front to expedite the shipping process. Until then, thank you so much for your orders and patience!

2.  Where do you buy your materials?

Because sourcing is an area of research and development that I spend a great deal of time and money on to find the best, highest quality materials, this is not something I openly share with the public. 

3. I love your work, can I work or intern at Studio Herron?

Studio Herron is a small business and presently a one-women-operation. At this time I am unable to offer employment or internships.

4. I am really interested in hand tufting, how do I do it? What materials do I use and where do I buy tools?

I taught myself how to hand tuft after seeing it done by master craftsman on a rug making trip to India. About a year of trial and error in my studio went into my learning process. I am really excited about using this technique on the art side of my practice and am still developing it as I evolve artistically. At this time, I am a bit overwhelmed by the volume of emails and direct messages on social media that I receive daily asking for my sources, techniques and information. I would love to share more with you, and I do this by teaching workshops on hand tufting from time to time throughout the year in various cities. I teach the technique and discuss how it is used in the industry for rug making, and for art making by artists along with a short history of the craft. If you are interested in learning more about hand tufting, check the workshop page under the tab "info". If you do not see a workshop in your area, I'd be interested in coming to teach. Send workshop and teaching invitations to

5. Why is shipping so expensive?

I ship all items USPS Priority Mail and shipping costs are based on weight of the package and distance. I am working on a new shipping strategy for 2018 to make this a little less financially painful. 

6. Can I return my throw?

Because of the one-woman- wearing all the hats and small business nature of Studio Herron, at this time I am unable to accept returns. All sales are final.

7. Do you welcome studio visits?

My studio is a live / work storefront space, I work in the store front and live in the back. Since this is also my private home, I keep studio visits by appointment and invitation. From time-to-time I welcome studio visits with press, academic institutions, commercial entities and businesses, the trade, galleries and artists. For the General public, I have two open studio events each year and invite people to come and visit.

8. I would like to feature Studio Herron in my publication, how do I reach you?

Please send all inquiries to

9. When will you have rugs available?

For the past 4 years, I have wanted to produce rugs for my own label rather than through licensing my design work. This has been a process of visiting manufacturers, sampling and re-tooling my budget. I am looking to make accessible, reasonably priced, high quality rugs that will be available to the public through Studio Herron's online shop and other brick-and-mortar retailers. I have finally found a manufacturer that I feel excited to work with and am working on new rug designs in the coming year that will be for sale to the public. Keep checking back, I am working on it! :)

10. Why are some of your rugs so expensive?

The rugs that I make myself in my Chicago studio or as an artist-in-residence are one-of-a-kind art pieces and I price them accordingly. Each are durable enough to use as rugs on the floor, though are meant to be art pieces on the wall. You can find them under the "Art" and "One-of-a-Kind" tabs in the online shop. If you are interested in purchasing one and would like to see it in person, please contact me at to arrange an appointment.

As always I am so honored to have your support and interest in my work. I truly value you. xo, dee