The Clip Chair is made of hand cut and forged brass, tig welded brass back. The cushion is high density luxe foam upholstered with hand tufted wool. Each side of the cube cushion is different and can be taken out of it’s brass base to change the display orientation.

The Clip Couch is the second furniture piece in The Clip Series of handmade furniture pieces by Studio Herron. Made from solid ash wood, domino joined and finished with tung oil. The bottom cushion is high density luxe foam and clips into the wood frame. Seat and cushions are upholstered with hand woven wool fabric that was designed to mimic the patterns in the wood grain.

Conversation Rug is hand tufted wool rug in a looped pile with upholstered bench seating in high density foam. The benches are attached to the rug so that one might roll out an all-in-one soft living room space for lounging, conversing and entertaining. Inspired by Eliel Saarinen and Alexander Girard’s conversation pits, a popular and short lived interior architectural style of the 1970’s, combined with the uses, symbology and material elements traditional to hand woven Berber weaving and their nomadic culture, the Conversation Rug mixes typologies to create a new style of furniture for urban dwellers and contemporary nomads.

Furniture Rug was the first exploration in combining rug and chair typologies. Using scrap wool, the design of the rug was improvisational and determined by what was on hand. When one yarn color ran out, a new color began. Both the seats and rug body are hand tufted in a looped pile and finished with whip stitch edging. Using scraps of high density foam, the seats, which are attached to the rug body, were pieced together. In 2018, The Furniture Rug travelled to Houston, Texas to be part of After Memphis, a group show at The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, celebrating the legacy and inspiration of the Iconic Italian Design collective, Memphis Group and was part of ‘Textile Studies’ a solo exhibition in Chicago.