Desert Mural Rug
Bold geometric shapes and colors note the cascade of light and shadow of sunrise and sunset over the Mojave Desert.

Graphics Rug
A blend of hues and geometric shapes based on an original painting by Dee Clements.

Herron designed a series of playful, vibrant, winsome rugs for children’s lifestyle company The Land of Nod. Experimentation with drawing and painting simple shapes, geometric lines and color blocking were the direction and inspiration for this work.

Herron and The Land of Nod travelled to India to work with a cooperative of weavers to produce these rugs in all natural cotton dhurrie and wool fibers. Each rug is hand woven on pit looms in weavers homes.

Read about the India trip on the Herron blog. 

Herron’s relationship with weavers in rural Panipat is one of ethical and responsible labor practices and methodologies. 

Photography by Land of Nod


I love rug weaving because a rug is like a giant canvas to me. My work has always been influenced by what is around me, whether it is an urban landscape or the architecture found in nature.
— Dee Clements